With the launching of 2 new long life products, BrandX had the task of creating videos that align with the campaign. Here are 2 videos I shot and edited from the campaign, which is still ongoing:
My Shoes
In December 2022, I worked on a short film, which was a personal project. I based the script on the characters of the people who were available to film, and we shot it within 3 days. I directed, DP'd and produced, but would not have managed without Majumi Gondwe, who came on board as co-producer and also did sound. Below is one of the scenes:
Namibia Dairies - Culture Collection
Weathermen and Co. needed stills and videography for their Namibia Dairies Culture Collection Murals activity. Below are 2 of the four videos filmed and edited by me under Colour Pop TV:
More work to be uploaded soon!
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